Anduro partners with the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Materials Science and Engineering for research and testing. In testing peel resistance of laminated BOPP, Dr. Radhakrishnaiah Parachuru has established a standard for evaluating the key factors that affect peel strength.

We work with our clients to ensure their bag specifications are modernized to leverage the latest developments and refinements in WPP BOPP packaging. Fabric weight has the greatest impact on price, so we work with clients to select a fabric weight for their packaging that delivers a bag that not only performs exceptionally during shipping and handling, but also on the specific type of filling equipment you use.  We understand that production is key and we want to ensure that we are making a bag that will perform in your environment, minimizing any downtime. We also understand that what makes sense in one application might not in another.  So we spend the time with each client to fully understand how each bag Anduro makes will be used, including the product it will hold: ingredients, moisture and fat content, etc.  We are committed to delivering the right bag at the right price for every application. 

Anduro consultation is provided by an executive team of deep and varied industry expertise, including Jon Solberg, one of the original founders and facilitators of WPP packaging for U.S. animal feed and pet food producers; Gil Madrid, with 24 years directing international operations for Kimberly Clark; and CEO Marc Datelle, who since 2009 has overseen the development of Anduro as the most innovative and progressive WPP BOPP supplier. Our plant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is managed by our General Manager Carlos Ramirez, with more than 26 years overseeing large commercial construction and manufacturing related projects for the Honduran government, and Comptroller Jorge Morales, who has over 20 years of experience in financial management with some of the largest banks and manufacturers in Honduras, including Sara Lee and Russell Athletics.